User Experience Case Study:

Elite Athletic Development

I was recommended to Karen Inman-Stoychoff as a reliable and knowledgeable webperson with experience in Wordpress. Her webperson went AWOL and she needed some changes made to her existing site. So I did and she said, “I know we have to redo the website, but it has been one nightmare after another." I've heard a lot of website nightmares, but Karen might be the champ, based on the volume of nightmares she has had.

She decided to have me quote the site and said she wanted a clean look and gave me some examples of sites that she liked. After I saw the clean sites, I went back to Karen and asked her what was she willing to sacrifice to get the "clean" look —at least on the home page.

The challenges:

Please see the journey column to see how Karen and I pulled it off. Oh, and by the way, we never met face to face.

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original EAD Home page

The homepage went on forever

Looong homepage

The Journey

In progress


Elite Athletic Development Landing page

Final EAD Home page

CrossFit Arlington Heights Landing page

Final CrossFit AH page

CrossFit Axis Landing page

Final CrossFit Axis page